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Our urgent care facility offers services, including immediate care for non-life-threatening conditions, immunizations, diagnostic imaging, IV infusions, addiction support, injury treatment, illness care, and many more.

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Michael S.

Outstanding care for a sprained ankle. The online registration expedited my visit, and the medical team was thorough and professional. Their follow-up advice was also very helpful. A top-notch urgent care experience.


I was impressed with the seamless process and the high level of care for my illness. The online registration made a huge difference in wait time, and the staff was warm and knowledgeable. Exceptional service all around.

Grace H.

Quick and caring service! I registered online and was seen almost immediately. The staff was empathetic and efficient, making my urgent care visit stress-free. I highly recommend it for fast, reliable medical attention.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our urgent care center offers a wide range of services tailored to meet your immediate health needs, including treatment for injuries, illnesses, acute pain, and addiction. We also provide immunizations, physical examinations, IV infusion therapy, and diagnostic services such as X-rays and lab tests. Our comprehensive care is designed to ensure you receive the appropriate treatment quickly and efficiently, with the goal of getting you back to your daily activities as soon as possible.
We prioritize your time and health, guaranteeing that you’ll be seen by a healthcare professional within 15 minutes of your registration. To make your visit even more convenient, we offer an online registration option that allows you to fill out necessary paperwork before arriving, further speeding up the process. This efficient system ensures that you receive the care you need without unnecessary delays.
Yes, you can register online before visiting our urgent care center. This feature is designed to save you time and streamline your experience with us. By filling out the necessary forms online, you can expedite your check-in process, allowing us to see you even faster upon arrival. We recommend using this option for a smoother, more convenient visit.
Yes, our urgent care is equipped to provide high-quality medical care to patients of all ages, including children. Our pediatric services range from treating minor injuries and illnesses to administering vaccinations and conducting physical examinations. Our medical staff is trained to offer compassionate, patient-centered care to our youngest patients, ensuring they feel comfortable and safe during their visit.
Urgent care centers are ideal for non-life-threatening conditions that require prompt attention, such as minor injuries, infections, or acute pain. However, if you’re experiencing a life-threatening emergency, such as severe chest pain, difficulty breathing, or significant trauma, it’s crucial to go to the emergency room or call 911. Our urgent care provides fast, effective treatment for urgent but non-emergency conditions, filling the gap between primary care and the ER.