Services We Provide

Our urgent care facility offers comprehensive medical services, including immediate care for non-life-threatening conditions, immunizations, diagnostic imaging, IV infusions, addiction support, acute pain management, thorough physical exams, extensive lab services, injury treatment, illness care, and specialized occupational medicine.

Urgent Care

We provide immediate, non-life-threatening medical attention for injuries or conditions that require prompt treatment but don't necessitate a visit to the emergency room.

Immunizations & Vaccines

We offer vaccinations to protect against various diseases, including seasonal flu shots, tetanus, and vaccines required for travel, ensuring our community's health and safety.

X-rays & Diagnostics

Equipped with diagnostic tools, we can perform X-rays and other tests to quickly assess and diagnose fractures, infections, and other conditions, facilitating prompt treatment.

IV Infusion

For patients needing immediate hydration, medication, or nutrient supplementation, we offer IV infusion services to administer treatments efficiently and effectively.


We provide compassionate care and support for individuals facing substance abuse issues, offering treatments and referrals to specialized services to help manage addiction.

Acute Pain

We address acute pain resulting from injuries, surgeries, or conditions like migraines, providing relief through medication, advice, and follow-up care to manage symptoms effectively.

Physical Examinations

Our comprehensive physical exams are designed to assess overall health, identify potential health issues early, and ensure that you're fit for work, school, or sports activities.

Lab Services

We offer a range of lab services including blood tests, urinalysis, and other diagnostics, enabling us to quickly identify health issues and monitor conditions.


We treat a variety of injuries, from minor cuts and burns to sprains and fractures, providing necessary care like wound dressing, splinting, and referrals when specialized treatment is needed.


We diagnose and treat a range of illnesses, from infections to chronic diseases, offering medications, advice, and follow-up care to ensure you recover swiftly.

Occupational Medicine

We specialize in occupational medicine, providing workplace health services, injury management, and compliance assessments to ensure the health and safety of employees in various industries.

Screening And Preventative Care

Express Urgent Care prioritizes early detection and prevention to safeguard patient health. Our screening services for diabetes, heart, and stroke aim to identify risks and detect issues before they worsen.

Virtual Care

We treat a wide range of medical conditions through our convenient and seamless virtual care services by focusing on your specific health concerns, providing expert guidance and personalized plans.