Physical Examinations

We understand the importance of preventive healthcare, which is why we offer comprehensive physical examinations for individuals of all ages. Whether you’re due for your annual wellness check or require a specialized physical for school, sports, employment, or other purposes, our experienced medical team is here to provide efficient and thorough evaluations to help you maintain optimal health.

Our comprehensive physical examination service is designed to evaluate your overall health and detect any potential health issues early on. Our team of experienced healthcare professionals provides thorough assessments tailored to your health needs and concerns, offering personalized advice and recommendations to ensure your well-being.

Types of Physical Examinations Offered

We provide a variety of physical examinations to meet your individual needs, including:

Icons College Physical


Icons Occupational Physical

Occupational Physical

Icons Camp Physical


Icons Pre Employment Physical

Pre-Employment Physical

Icons Adult Physical


Icons Sports Physical


Icons School Physical


Icons Wellness Exam


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