Absolutely, our urgent care is equipped to handle severe pain from injuries or conditions like migraines. We quickly assess your situation and provide the necessary medication or treatment to alleviate your discomfort. Our goal is to ensure you receive prompt relief and guidance on managing your pain effectively.
Yes, our facility offers a variety of immunizations, including flu shots, to protect you and the community from infectious diseases. Whether it’s routine vaccinations or specific ones needed for travel, we’ve got you covered. Keeping you healthy and vaccinated is a priority for us.
We’re fully equipped to perform X-rays and a range of diagnostic tests to quickly pinpoint the cause of your illness or injury. By having these capabilities on-site, we can diagnose problems promptly, ensuring you receive the most effective treatment without unnecessary delays.
We guarantee that you’ll see a healthcare professional within 15 minutes of your registration. This quick access is part of our commitment to providing efficient, responsive care, ensuring you’re not left waiting when you need help the most.
Yes, you can register online en route to our facility. This convenient option reduces your wait time and streamlines the check-in process, allowing us to attend to your medical needs more quickly upon arrival.
Yes, our facility specializes in treating acute pain from injuries, surgeries, or conditions like migraines. We offer immediate pain relief through medications and provide advice and follow-up care to manage your symptoms effectively, ensuring a swift recovery process.
Our urgent care is equipped with advanced diagnostic tools, including X-rays and laboratory services. We quickly assess and diagnose conditions like fractures and infections, enabling us to initiate the appropriate treatment without delay, ensuring your health and safety.
Yes, we provide initial support and treatment options for individuals facing addiction. Our compassionate care includes medication management and referrals to specialized services, aiming to address substance abuse issues comprehensively and support recovery efforts.
Certainly. We offer IV infusion therapy for patients requiring hydration, medication, or nutrient supplementation. This service is provided in a controlled and professional setting, ensuring efficient and effective treatment for various conditions.
Our facility provides comprehensive physical examinations for employment, sports, school, and general health purposes. These exams are crucial for assessing overall health, identifying any potential issues early, and ensuring fitness for various activities.